Regina Petrecca

Contemporary Realist and Abstract Artist

My Studio

My studio is definitely my “Happy Place.”  When I enter and set up my canvas and paints, the creativity starts flowing and I become totally focused on the process of painting.  At that point the only place that exists for me is my studio.  I become so absorbed in painting that hours go by and the rest of the world fades away.  It makes me so happy when viewers enjoy my art because each painting truly expresses a part of me.


When I first learned that our friend and dentist (of over 50 years), Dr. Bill Hall, was retiring, I was very distressed.  Fortunately, Bill chose Dr. Diane Pham to take over his practice. Dr. Pham is so very competent which when coupled with her caring manner makes her a PERFECT dentist.  I was thrilled when she commissioned me to do a painting for her dental office.  She had a vision of what she wanted for the space, but was always open to my suggestions.  She was a joy to work with as we collaborated on the final results….truly the perfect partner for a commissioned work.  I was able to incorporate Dr. Pham’s logo of a sparkling diamond-faceted tooth in the upper righthand corner of the painting. The result of our partnership is “Sparkle.”  Dr. Pham’s office is on Rt. 123 in the middle of downtown Vienna (Capital Esthetics and Family Dentistry, 133 Maple Avenue, Ste. 204, 703-255-0040).  I can truly give her a 5-star review!

Her variety of subject matter, her use of color and of line.  She is an artist who loves art in all forms and her work reflects that love.

Sally M

All are so beautiful, and such colors!  Amazing variety!  I was going to list my favorites but then realized my list would go on and on….

Lynn N

All are stunning…can’t pick one as they are all appealing…colors are striking in each work of art..                                                         

Jo K