About Regina

Regina Petrecca

My Story

I studied Art many years ago, but didn’t pick up my brushes again until after I retired as a Registrar with Fairfax County Public Schools.

I usually paint in a contemporary realist style and my love of color shines through in many of my paintings. I always want the viewer to be aware of the hand of the artist. I don’t want my painting to look like a photograph…that’s why we have cameras! My inspiration comes from many different sources, which results in varied subjects. Lately I’ve been delving into abstract painting – a new way of expressing myself through my Art.

My Philosophy

I feel there’s something truly magical in taking a totally blank canvas and transforming it into something that I and, hopefully, other will enjoy. Each painting is an adventure as well as a challenge. An exciting aspect of painting is that you’re never finished learning – there’s always a new concept to put on the canvas or a new process to master.

My enjoyment is enhanced when a viewer connects with my Art to the point where they choose to collect my work to enjoy in their home or office every day.

Inner Peace
Art Societies

Art Societies

  • League of Reston Artists
  • Vienna Art Society
  • McLean Art Society
  • Fairfax Art League